Slide Fourth Slide Indoor Outdoor is the only manufacturer of indoor/outdoor Large Display Menorahs in the world

Sophisticated and elegant, our Menorahs will last a lifetime.

Latest Featured Products

Display Menorah Lights by Itself

image left Our Electric  Display Menorahs light automatically every 24 hours. All you have to do is set-up lighting times and let her go.

It’s easy and brilliant and it’s up to you! Keep it manual or press the button so your community can enjoy the light effortlessly.

Indoor & Outdoor Public Display Menorahs

image leftOur  Public Display Menorahs are perfect for both in-door and out-door use. The electric Menorahs come in various sizes to fit every surrounding from our Giant Display Menorah at 12ft down to our  newest 18″ Convertible Menorah.

The Menorahs are durable under the most extreme weather! Check out our gallery for Menorahs of the world, from the heat of Sao-Paulo to the snow of Alaska.

Beautiful Carrying Case

image leftAll electric Display Menorahs come in a beautiful carrying and storage case for easy assembly and keeping.

The case is equipped with wheels for convenient transportation and individual compartments to store and protect each part of the Menorah and its accessories.