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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us directly if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for!

Can I find these large menorahs elsewhere for a better price?

No. We are the sole manufacturer of the Indoor/Outdoor Menorahs. Everyone else buys from us.

We are resellers. Is there a special wholesale price?

Yes, please call 973.731.0770 for more details.

Is the base included in the price of the Menorah?

Yes. However, you will need to determine whether your Menorah will be for indoor or outdoor use. If it will be displayed outside, you will need the ground insert.

The bulbs are beautiful , all weather and tall and decorative. They must be expensive. Are the bulbs included in the price?


Can I use the indoor base outside?

Technically yes, but it’s not recommended. The indoor base has industrial strength suction cups which adhere well to indoor floor. It will hold the Menorah, but unlike the ground insert, it is venerable to strong winds (or vandalism).

Do I need any other accessories besides the Menorah and base?

There are 2 optional accessories: LED sign and candle conversion kits for lighting with a real flame in order to say the  Holiday blessings for lighting.  

Is it difficult to install the in ground base?

No. The ground base can be installed in minutes with the right tools. It’s easy and clean to install and store. The maintenance person at any building will have no problem at all.

Do I need to use your bulbs?

No. The Menorah has a pigtail socket. Any regular bulb will work. However the 6 inch chimney shaped bulb is specially designed to complement the Menorah. It is bright and weatherproof and highly recommended for outdoor use in cold climates. Our bulbs are good for 1500 hours. If you use them for Hanukkah only, these bulbs will last for many, many years.

What are the candle conversion kits?

If you host a holiday celebration and you would like to say the appropriate blessings, you will need to light with fire. The base of the kit is threaded to  screw into the socket just like the bulb. It will hold up well and it looks great! 

Can you use the candle conversion kit outdoors?

Yes. Unless you’re dealing with a storm of high winds, it will work well and glow beautifully in the dark.

Can I use the 3′ft Menorah outdoors?

No, the 3’ Menorah is the only menorah not made for outdoor use.

For which venue would you recommend the Menorahs?

3’ Menorah – indoor use, store window or counter top. It’s too small to stand on the floor.
6’ – Indoors in a smaller lobby e.g. student center, office, hospital etc… or outside in front of a private home if you desire an elegant presence.
9’ and 12’ – indoors in malls, large stores or government buildings with high ceilings. Outdoors anywhere!

Are the Menorahs heavy? What are the wing spans?

A. 3 foot 16 lbs. span is 3 feet
B. 6 foot 26 lbs. span is 4 1/2 feet
C. 9 foot 30 lbs. span is 5 1/2 feet
D. 12 foot 40 lbs. span is 8 feet

How do you ship?

We deliver the Menorah arms detached for easy shipping and storage. Simply plug the arms into the main stem and slide them on. Setup takes a few minutes. Menorah comes in a beautiful case for easy storage.

Do I have to climb on a ladder to light the bulbs?

No. There are 9 separate switches built into the main stem. Simply press one switch for each night. Or on the Auto Menorah simply press the button.  

Does the Menorah rust? Does it handle weather well?

The menorah is made of aluminum. It does not rust and looks beautiful after years of even the most harsh weather conditions.

If I lose a part, can I call you for replacement parts?

Absolutely. It’s our pleasure to serve you. But with the new storage case it shouldn’t happen. 

Now we have a question for you!

Would you please email us a photo of your display menorah for “Menorahs of the World” section of our website?