#Light-Up-The-World Campaign

We can light up the world – and earn significant funds for your Chabad House.

Dear Shluchim,
We have been tasked to spread light around the world, and our Menorahs are a central theme and a literal success story in our work. Chabad and the Jewish public have taken great pride, for many years, in our Menorahs lighting up the darkness. began as a response to the Rebbe’s directives and the desire to provide a product of beauty (in place of PVC piping) and simplicity for Shluchim (lightweight, easy assembly, easy to store and transport, auto lighting and now full body LED lighting). We have come a long way.

We take great pride in the thousands of our Menorahs throughout the world, but with the recent huge increase of darkness and hate in the world (especially towards Jews), we have so much more light to spread.

So we are launching a #Light-up-the-World Campaign, A win-win campaign to help you add light in your communities, earn significant funds for your mosad, while we grow our mission of sending out more Menorah’s to the world.

Campaign details:

We will deposit $360 into your account for each 6, 9 or 12 ft regular or LUX menorah you add to your community.

Who Benefits:

  1. Your chabad house
  2. Your community
  3. Our shared mission of lighting up the darkness for humanity

This isn’t one of those offers that you don’t have time for or is a distraction from your work. It’s something we all want and need to do – and it’s an easy sell.

Customer examples:

  1. Bal Habatim – It’s becoming more popular to place Chanukka decorations outside on their properties, a nice Menorah or LED Dreidel would add a lot of joy and light to their holiday and they get to support your chabad house at the same time.
  2. Businesses – The world is now very open to Chanukah displays as part of their Holiday Season Decor and the opportunities are endless.

We are past the political battles. Everyone wants a menorah. Non Jewish customers NEED to provide a menorah to their communities.

The time has come where you are doing them a favor by presenting this opportunity. They’ve been thinking about it and now they know how to get it – through you.

Town Halls and Center’s, College Campuses, Schools, Hotels (local and chains), Malls, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Resorts, Supermarkets, Every corporate building, Apartment building, Condo Association, Bank, Federations and Family Services, Stadiums, Parks… It really is endless.

Join the Light up the World Campaign

How it works:

  1. Sign up using the following link: Affiliate Program
  2. Add your bank account
  3. Receive a unique link for your Chabad House
  4. With every purchase from your link for any large menorah a payment deposit of $360 will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Multiple orders can earn you many thousands .

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