Indoor & Ground Insert Installation

  1. The heavy-duty plastic pipe goes 2 ½ ft. into the ground. It doesn’t need cement.
  2. Next, the 7-inch square plate with the 2 ½ ft. extension drops into the pipe in the ground.
  3. Now all you see is the 7-inch plate. Take the other 7-inch plate with the much smaller extension that goes into the main stem of the menorah. Attach the 2 plates with the 4 bolts that are provided
  4. Now the menorah slides onto the shorter extension and you are done.
  5. When you remove the extension and plate from the pipe in the ground, cover the pipe with the cap which is also provided
  6. The following year, simply lift off the cap and start again

Indoor Base with Main Stem Insert, 7 inch square plate which inserts into the Main Stem of the menorah.

Ground Insert Pipe & Extension Plate Main Stem Insert attaches to the plate above © 2023. All Rights Reserved.
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