9 ft Indoor-Outdoor Display Menorah

9 ft Indoor-Outdoor Display Menorah

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The 9 FT Large Display Menorah is great for every setting and looks especially brilliant in large stores, government buildings or lobbies with high ceilings and outdoors, in malls, Town Halls, corporations, Jewish Community Centers or Synagogues, parks and city squares.

Dimensions: 9 ft. high x 7 1/2 ft. wide. Weighs 50 pounds.

Main stem comes in two parts.

The Complete Package:

  • Automatic Lighting-Innovative PCB Board automatically adds a new light every 24 hours
  • Beautiful Quality Canvas Carrying and Storage Case with individual pockets for each arm
  • Made of aluminum with a silver finish
  • Choice of Indoor or Outdoor Base

We have animated videos showing assembly of our display menorah. You can light your menorah on the first night of Chanukah and leave it alone for 8 days to work its wonders.


Please note:

If the menorah is to be set up outside without grass please refer to the FAQ section

Light Bulbs:
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